Welcome to Pool Leak Services P/L.

We specialise in finding and repairing leaks in all swimming pools and service the greater Sydney area.

Concrete, fibreglass, vinyl liner pools, above and below ground can all leak water causing destructive erosion that can effect the stability of the pool and everything around it.

At Pool Leak Services we will find the leak promptly and professionally and repair minor leaks on the spot, above or below the water.

If you have a broken pipe we can pressure test the pipe and locate where the pipe is broken, so you don't have to dig up your whole backyard. We have the lastest electronic acoustical leak detector available and can locate where the pipe is broken to within 1 metre of the break. It is usually more accurate than this, but will depend on what is below the surface.

If you are unsure if your pool is leaking please contact us to discuss how we can monitor your water loss before we come out.

If you have just built a new pool, renovating an existing pool or landscaping around your pool we can pressure test all the pool pipes. This makes sure there are no leaks prior to work commencing and can save you costly repairs afterwards.

Please contact Paul for all your enquiries.

We look forward to hearing from you.